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Come in, put your feet up, and relax! The staff here at Casabella Nail and Spa is fully dedicated to making your time here extra special. We make sure you know how much we value you as a customer. We offer several types of pedicures to choose from.

Our Services

Clean and Sanitized

 •  Basic pedicures

 •  French pedicure

 •  Bella pedicures

 •  UV gel pedicure

 •  Casabella pedicures

 •  Waxing

We take the time to make sure all of our equipment is clean and medically sterilized

before use. It’s important that each of our customers know that they can relax

knowing that they’re getting a pedicure with only the cleanest equipment around.


We pride ourselves in our cleanliness and our passion to put the safety of our

customers first!

Call Now: 570-674-9085

Relaxing Pedicure Services

We've been putting your safety first since the day we opened our doors!

Learn more about our services!

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